Make Your Garden More Impressive

Spruce up your garden to create a more relaxing ambience by installing a picturesque fountain at its center. Alternatively, give your yard more character with a finely detailed statue. Regardless of what you choose, Nelson-Lynwood Nursery in Erie, PA has all the exquisitely crafted statues and ornaments you need.

Decorations and Statues

Nelson-Lynwood Nursery works with Massarelli's to provide you with statues for your property. We have numerous pieces you can choose from, all made with artistic precision using durable materials. Improve the aesthetic of your garden with statues of:

  • Animals
  • Military Personnel
  • Devotional and Religious Figures
  • Fantasy Characters and Creatures
  • Mythological Beasts and Characters

If statues do not fit your current garden theme, you can also get birdbaths, fountains, and fountainettes from our shop. Additionally, we can provide you with a memorial to remember important events or people in your life.

Functional Ornaments

Aside from decorative art pieces, we also have items for your garden or lawn that serve a practical purpose. We carry sculpted benches you can install on your property. With these, your visitors can rest their legs while admiring the scenic landscapes around your place. These come in various styles and are designed to last outdoors.

Another item we carry is a selection of stepping stones. Paths laid out with these not only look great, but also help keep your garden healthy. When people use these, they can avoid trampling your ornamental grass or manicured lawn.

Call us today at 814-833-1557 to find out more about our statues and ornamentation. You can also email us at for your inquiries.