Everything You Need for a Beautiful Garden

Based in Erie, PA, Nelson-Lynwood Nursery can help you create a gorgeous garden. Our nursery is stocked to a wide variety of trees, shrubs and perennials We also carry the tools and supplies you will need to grow them in your garden.

Trees, Shrubs, and More

With our nursery being more than 9 years old, we have grown a wide range of plants. Whether you want cherry trees or purple fountain grass for your landscaping project, we have you covered. Be sure to visit us to see all the plants we have available.

Ornamental Trees
Our garden center carries a number of flowering and decorative trees. This includes different varieties of weeping cherry trees. We also have magnolias, crab apple trees, flowering plum, flowering pear and many others.

Fruit Trees
If you want fresh produce from your garden, then our fruit trees are for you. We have trees bearing apples, apricots, pears, peaches, and plums.

Shade Trees
Give your front porch or back yard some shade with a big leafy tree. You can get oak, maple, beech, willow, birch, and other trees from our nursery.

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs
Evergreen shrubs are ideal for hedges that stay the same color all year long. Meanwhile, evergreen trees are perfect if you want a tree in your garden without the dark shadows. We stock various pines, spruces, firs, cedars, junipers, boxwoods, and more.

Ornamental Shrubs
Add color to your garden with vibrant flowering shrubs available from our garden center. You can find lilacs, viburnums, dogwoods, spireas, and more here.

No garden is complete without a complement of brightly colored flowers. You will find perennials in our shop such as peonies, lilies, indigos, daisies, and foxgloves. Drop by our shop to the different flowers we have.

Give your garden a more natural look by planting ornamental grass. We several types of fountain grass, maiden grass, and switch glass for you.

Tools and Supplies

A garden is more than just a collection of cultivated plants. A successful garden needs to be maintained properly. Nelson-Lynwood Nursery offers equipment and supplies for this purpose. You can get the following tools and supplies from our store.

Fertilizers | Forks | Fungicides | Insecticides | Miticides | Mulch | Plant Food | Pruning Shears| Rakes | Scoops | Trowels | Water Cans | And more...

Contact us today to learn more about our plants and gardening supplies. Call us at 814-833-1557 or email us at if you have any questions.